3 Reasons a Micro-Wedding might be exactly what you've always wanted

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hi! I'm Alleigh, co-founder of Woven Roots Rentals in Colorado Springs. My dad and I started this business to help couples create an even more memorable day, by adding extra style and personality to their wedding. We have all different types and styles of furniture that are available for rent. Our hope is that these additions allow every wedding to feel unique to each couple's individual style.

While micro-weddings were never really on my radar before, I've quickly fallen in love with them. I adore the idea of a small, intimate gathering with only those who matter most to you. I can just picture a beautiful backyard wedding, under a big willow tree, surrounded by all the people you love. Does it get any better than that?

Here at Woven Roots, we've done everything we can think of to help you transition to a micro-wedding seamlessly, in the world of specialty rentals. Read more about what we're offering here.

In case you're interest in seeing some of the work we've done in the past, you can also view our portfolio here.

While a micro-wedding probably wasn't originally on your radar either, sometimes plans change and we have to adjust. What if that change of plans could be even better than the original? Here's a list of 3 reasons a micro-wedding might be exactly what you've always wanted.

#1 - You can get married basically anywhere

Have you ever wanted to get married somewhere that weddings don't usually happen? A backyard wedding just might be the most magical thing ever. Some other ideas might be an art gallery, a favorite cafe/restaurant, a local winery or brewery, a cute boutique hotel or B&B, on top of a mountain... You name it. Micro-weddings open up all sorts of possibilities to make your special day extra memorable.

#2 - It would allow for more time with guests

Trying to talk to everyone at your wedding can be a little overwhelming. When you have a small wedding with only those closest to you, it becomes more like a special family dinner than a big event. Not only will the bride and groom feel more relaxed, but a smaller guest count will help all family to feel more involved and included.

#3 - It could be a much simpler (and possibly cheaper) planning process

While money isn't always the most important thing, it can be a really big deal for plenty of people. When the pressure of a huge wedding is off, the planning process simplifies and the cost can potentially decrease quite a bit. There are obviously certain vendors that are a flat rate, no matter how many people attend. However, there are vendors (such as cake, catering, rentals, etc) that are priced based on head count.

Are you sold yet? I know I am!


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